Yes!  NA meetings do help.  Really.

One of the most significant factors in helping people with addictions overcome substance abuse, is helping them find a sense of community. Throughout all of the time, people have gathered together for big events: harvest, ceremonies, weddings, etc. They also gathered together to mourn and solve problems: funerals, war, counsels, etc. So why, then, should Narcotics Anonymous tackle its members’ problems any other way?

Community, especially one that understands the underbelly of addiction, helps remind you that you are not alone. If you have an addiction, it can be incredibly hard to talk about it with family and friends. They are often sympathetic, but they do not truly understand. NA provides its members with a group of people who know exactly what you are going through because they are going through it themselves. This way, you need not to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in sharing your struggles and doubts. Chances are, they are right there with you.

Another critical part of the NA process is helping its members to admit that there is something, a “higher power” if you will, that is greater than themselves. Now, do not worry.  NA is not a religious organization. It is instead a spiritual group that uses “God” to refer to any higher power you choose to claim. This relinquishing of control helps you to admit that you cannot change on your own. It says, “you have been trying to control your addiction so far, and it hasn’t worked, has it?” Admitting that a higher power might exist, takes some of that burden off your shoulders. It also helps give you hope that, if there is a higher power, they can be a source of help in finding sobriety.

One of the most challenging stages of the NA 12-Step Program is also one of the most helpful. This step asks you to make a list of all the people who have been hurt by your addiction. By doing so, you remember all the injuries that your addiction has caused.  You also name and admit your guilt in past hurts. Then, you find those people and make amends. Sometimes they are not ready to forgive you. That is OK. Sometimes they do not wish to remember what happened. That is also OK. But by taking this step, you can release some of the guilt you feel over the things you have done and begin to move on.

NA truly works. Why not give it a try?