It is no surprise that finding health insurance for you or a partner who has HIV can be incredibly demeaning and disappointing. Companies want to make money. And they unfairly see people with HIV as risks. They know that, if you have HIV, you are more likely to contract illnesses that are non-HIV-related before those without HIV. However, the life expectancy for those with HIV is significantly higher than it ever was thanks to new medicines and therapies. And while the prospect of finding insurance may seem bleak, there are a few things you can do to find coverage:


  • This company partners with Prudential Financial to help offer coverage to people with HIV. So far, they are the only insurance company to do so. There are four options for coverage under the company that ranges between individual term and whole life insurance. The coverage plans can cover anywhere from $5,000 to $4,000,000.

Employee Insurance

  • Look into your or your partner’s employment benefits. Some companies offer death benefits or group plans which are less costly. If you work for a more massive corporation, they may even offer life insurance without asking you to prove your insurability.

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Look to the Future

  • If you are having no luck, you may want to plan for the future in other ways. A funeral plan that is pre-paid will allow you to prepare for the worst so that you can enjoy the present. It may also be helpful to consider saving and planning for retirement. These programs can be much more conscientious of those with HIV and can help to plan future medical needs.

Finding coverage with HIV can be a daunting task and an unfair one. Know that there are people and programs out there that want to help make planning for your future easier.