Substance abuse can come in many forms. And the reasons that people become users are even more numerous. Using a substance can be a way for someone to numb emotional pain or trauma. It can also be a way to make life more “bearable.” However, addiction can not only affect your health, work, and relationships. It can destroy them. Addiction is not a joke. The act of using a substance just a few times can lead to an addiction. The body can sometimes become chemically dependent on some drugs, making it even harder to quit.

Do you think you may have a substance abuse problem? Are your friends and family members worried about you? Are different parts of your life suffering from your substance usage? Or can you simply not stop thinking about it? If you think you may have a problem, read through some of the following signs of addiction. Honestly assess whether or not they apply to you. If so, seek immediate help. Asking the question is the first step.

  • You may be addicted if using a substance has changed from a social activity to an individual one.
  • You may be addicted if you are no longer telling the truth about your medical needs and are trying to use doctors’ visits as a way to procure unnecessary medications.
  • You may be addicted if your relationships are affected by your habits. This includes all romantic and platonic relationships, as well as family life.
  • You may be addicted if you have switched substances, taken multiple substances, or taken more than usual in order to up or counteract their effects.
  • You may be addicted if using a substance has gotten you arrested, sent to jail, taken to the hospital, or has prompted friends or family to stage an intervention.
  • You may be addicted if you find yourself thinking about drugs more and more often or feeling fearful about running out of a substance.
  • You may be addicted if you resume taking a substance even after experiencing frightening or painful side effects.
  • You may be addicted if you do not want to talk about your substance use or find yourself feeling resentful of those who ask about your habits.

If you identify with some of these signs, please contact us. We are a Narcotics Anonymous Center located north of Huston, Texas. Using the 12-step program, we help people fight addiction. You are not alone. We can help.