How to detox your body from drugs? Can you die from withdrawal? What is the fastest way to detox your body of drugs?

These could potentially be several valid questions you might be asking yourself if you are in need of detox treatment, or if you know somebody who is.

A detox process isn’t something easy, and it has many passages and steps to go through to eliminate the drug from the person’s body, and most of the time, it’s a complex and dangerous procedure. Furthermore, the addicts will need support from both their loved ones and medical professional to safely detox their bodies.

In this article, we’re going to go over the most important factors detoxification implies and answer several questions on the topic.

Why Quitting Cold Turkey Might Be Dangerous?

stop sign in the water.This is a common way of referring to self-detox methods that imply quitting drugs or quitting alcohol cold turkey and abruptly. What you need to know is that this home drug detox can be dangerous in some cases because the withdrawal symptoms are so strong they can be fatal.

The relapse factor also needs to be considered before choosing to quit cold turkey, especially because if the body gets the same drug dosage it was used to getting before quitting cold turkey, the risk of overdosing is way higher than it previously was.

In order to avoid serious negative repercussions, including death, seeking medical attention is necessary, even better if the person can contact detox facilities.

Is Detox An Option?

Definitely yes. Detox from drugs is often considered the first step towards recovery and, even though detox alone might not be enough to rehabilitate a person, it’s surely something a drug addict needs to go through to get better and cleanse the body from drugs or alcohol abuse.

How Does the Detoxification Process Look Like?

Before beginning a drug detox process, medical professionals or detox facilities should be consulted. This is because detoxification is a heavy burden for any drug addict, and it can be physically and psychologically challenging for a lot of people.

What are the withdrawal symptoms? Withdrawal symptoms are to be expected when the body notices the absence of a substance it was used to having. For this reason, a drug detox center should be contacted in order to safely go through the process.

Detoxification usually includes three steps:

The first one is evaluation and it consists of identifying the addiction. This is often done through blood tests and assessments of the person’s medical conditions.

The second one is stabilization, and it’s used to help the patient safely get through the withdrawal symptoms, which are bound to occur. It’s extremely helpful to have family members or loved ones close during this stage. Here the addict can also use the best detox pills to better deal with the symptoms.

The third step of drug detox is transitioning the patient to the treatment. Detox alone shouldn’t be considered treatment because, in order to be fully recovered, an addict should enter a rehabilitation program.

Benefits Of Medical Detox

Drug detox should always be followed and controlled by medical professionals. Doctors can perfectly identify the drug addiction and, based on which drugs the person is using, and they can give them the best treatments and detoxification options currently available.

Different drugs call for different detox procedures. For example, for opioid withdrawal methadone and buprenorphine, both have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

If a drug detox center can follow the detox process, it means the risks of unsuccessful detoxification are greatly reduced, not to mention that, with medically assisted detox, the symptoms of withdrawal are significantly mitigated.

Medical professionals are also allowed to prescribe pain medication in order to help with some of the symptoms. Therefore medically assisted addicts will have the advantage of being able to access medication more than the ones who choose to go through the detox process at home.

Moreover, co-occurred mental illnesses linked to people who suffer from drug addiction are kept under control, thanks to the careful eye of doctors and detox facilities. Additional information on how to detox from drugs is available at the NCBI website.