Learn more about the success stories in our center. Read to learn about stories of real people and you are welcome to join us.

Real Stories of Real People

Although we do not like to use the term “success stories” because we feel that recovery is a life-long process, and when it starts, it's already a success. Here are some responses from past members who spent time at our Center:
“When I came to the Center, I was a mess. Addicted to anything and everything. You name it. I had it. At first, I didn’t want to go to the center. But my sister, she convinced me to come and check it out. I asked to be put into the Men’s group because I just felt more comfortable with a group of men hearing my story. It was tough, I’m not going to lie. Recovery is a beast. But the people at the 99 were good to me and patient. That was key. So, here I am, clean and sober 6 months. It doesn’t go away, the addiction, but I think the Center helped me finally come to terms with it. And find community with a group of men who were struggling with it too.”
- Dominic
“Grand Park Way was my third time in a center, but the first time I had admitted myself. The other two times had been interventions from my family and friends. But things never seemed to go well, I mean I’d go through the motions and all that, but when I got back out, everything went back to the way it was. I knew I had a problem, and I knew my friends were worried about me. So, I decided that this time, I’d do things my way. Before anyone else got involved. I’m not actually from Texas. Grew up in Ohio. But I thought that maybe going somewhere away from home and all the things I’d gotten sucked into might help. And the center looked beautiful in all the pictures online, so I went. It was good. Really good. It was what I needed.”
- Sharon
“The people were great at Grand Park Way 99. The program they used was tough but ultimately effective. Best place in Texas!”
- Joe
“I’ve been to the Center twice now. I’m currently 8 months clean. They can’t fix you, but they can give you the tools to deal with your addiction. The first time around, I didn’t listen. But that second time, that second time really got to me. And I’m better for it. I’m even recommended the 99 to someone I know who is having a bit of a rough patch. I hope he takes me up on it.”

The Team

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